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Reasons to Opt for Silk Flowers on your Wedding Day

Savvy brides are finding that the secret to a stress-free wedding – at least as far as the flowers go – is to opt for silk flowers. The reasons for this are many and varied, although arguably the five most important are:


Because synthetic flowers can be bought at anytime of the year, you’re not forced to order them a day or two before your big day. Being able to buy your wedding flowers far in advance not only gives you far more time to get your venue decorated; it also affords you the opportunity to spread out the cost of the wedding. And, seeing as artificial flowers are generally cheaper than fresh blooms, you’ll end up saving money as well!


Regardless of whether you’re getting married on the hottest day on record or travelling overseas to get wed on a tropical beach; you can rest assured your durable silk wedding flowers will look just as beautiful as the day you got them. You also won’t need to worry about your flower girl’s basket falling apart before she gets to carry it down the aisle!

Peace of Mind

Like most brides, you will likely worry about whether or not your chosen flowers will arrive looking as good as you want them to on your wedding day. This is not a concern that you need to fret over when you choose artificial flowers as you will be able to see your chosen arrangements weeks – if not months – ahead of your big day. Knowing your flowers will look exactly as you want them to will provide you with some much needed peace of mind.


Being able to forever preserve your bridal bouquet is something which is likely to appeal to the romantic side of your personality. Indeed, being able to look through your box of wedding memories in years to come and hold the same bouquet as you had when you first said ‘I do’ will help the memories to come flooding back.

New Traditions?

As well as providing you with the opportunity to take a pleasant walk down memory lane whenever you like, being able to keep your bridal bouquet also affords you the chance to start your own family tradition. Just imagine how lovely it would be to one day watch your daughter carry the same bridal bouquet you held on your wedding day down the aisle on her special day.

Of course, some people (especially from your parents’ generation) will tell you that silk blooms ‘just aren’t the same’ as fresh flowers. This is true – they’re better. They’re beautiful, reliable, inexpensive, practical and versatile. What’s more they won’t make your guests sneeze, look listless on a hot day or try and compete with your perfume!

So, if you’re looking for floral arrangements that will guarantee your big day looks just as you always imagined it would, make sure you invest in beautiful, high quality silk flowers.

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