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Make Floral Decorations Permanent With Artificial Greenery

Keeping fresh flowers in an an area like a venue where they may serve a frequent purpose is expensive. For the overwhelming majority of businesses it can prove too much and it just makes more sense to go for artificial flowers. If you own a chapel or a reception area which plays host to many weddings, then it is part of the cultural requirement that there is some fitting artificial greenery on show. This can enliven the area and make it seem more appealing as a place to hold a special day. Without the proper attention to details like this, it could lose you the interest of valuable customers who may choose to go elsewhere. At GT Decorations, we specialise in offering easily customisable artificial flowers to bring any area to life, whether it be your home, business or venue, our offerings are of the highest quality and are regularly used by interior designers and professionals looking to set the scene. We have an incredibly diverse range of products for you to choose from including potted varieties, bushes, bridal bouquets, hanging decorations and table centrepieces.

If your business is geared towards providing for special occasions, then we should be your first stop when it comes to artificial greenery. Weddings are the most immediate situation where you may have to invest in a wide variety of flowers. Table gifts are a great touch to add for each of the guests and we can offer rose scented options in white, red and lilac, which can really help the guests to notice the decorations and pleasant smell. You never know, the little touches you put to your decorations might be what interests some guests to choose you for their wedding. These are also great value for money at under £8 for 6, but that price can come down significantly if you want to buy in bulk in order to kit out all of the tables in your venue. If you are looking for larger decorations then we have entire bride and bridesmaids’ bouquets which will look the part and can be used again and again. These are eminently affordable for any venue or private buyer who wishes to have a keepsake of the special day. These start from as little as £5 each and sport fantastic colours and beautifully modelled flowers which will stay vibrant as the day progresses.

Garlands can be quite big but we have these along with greenery which are great for draping around stairs, marquees, trellises and arches. Ivy can add some colour to an area where photographs are to be taken, which may otherwise have a basic stone wall in the background. These are particularly well deployed around the entrances through which the bride and groom are to be seen to emerge or exit through, since the congregation will be turning their attention to them. These start at as little as £5 each and come in multiple sizes and varieties – even black roses for those who wish to add variety.

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