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If you are a fan of gardening, cooking and animals then you probably watch the Alan Titchmarsh show on ITV. Well think back to the series in autumn 2011, do you remember the plants used in the set design? GT Decorations supplied them!

If you are not familiar with the show let us get you up to speed. The Alan Titchmarsh show is hosted by the Ground Force favourite of which the show is named after. First airing in 2007, the show is aired at 3pm every weekday afternoon and uses a chat show format to discuss topics with special guests.

GT Decorations were contacted by producers Spun Gold TV in August 2011 and we provided over £200 worth of flowers and greenery for the set. We provided:

  • Ivy and pink flowers for the cooking table
  • Ivy for cocktail tables
  • Ivy to surround the TV screen in gardening segments
  • Trellis decorations



Have you been thinking about using artificial greenery in your home? Well here’s how we can help:

Artificial ivy trailing plants

Trailing plants are great because they fill large areas and replicate how a real plant would grow downwards. Add a little colour and decorate your candelabrum with ivy or bring the outside in to your conservatory with some artificial trailing plants. You could even create some hanging baskets.


Vines and garlands

Vines and garlands are great because they are flexible and can be shaped or wrapped around items. Many people use them along the tops of their kitchen cupboards or draped across mantelpieces. If you enjoy crafts then this festive season you could make your own door wreath for Christmas using these handy plants. You may even save yourself a pretty penny.

Snake plants

 If you are looking for something exotic then look no further than snake plants. Also known as ‘Mother in law’s tongue’ or its formal name ‘Sansevieria’, these plants have tall spikey waxed leaves that if real are upward growing. Due to their height these plants are best used as floor potted plants placed next to stairs or in the corner of a room.


Ferns are bushy foliage plants that work well as a standalone arrangement in the centre of a table as an alternative to the classic vase and bouquet of flowers. Place on book shelves to separate novels, on window sills or in a bathroom to add a fresh splash of green to a plainly? coloured interior.


A flower spray is a small singular branch that bears flowers, buds or berries. At GT Decorations we sell these in multipacks so you can display them singularly in a tall thin vase or add them to existing arrangements to add a little depth and texture.

Get creative with artificial foliage in your home and take a look at the photographs from the Alan Titchmarsh show for inspiration. You never know, plants may be the finishing touch your décor was missing.

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