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Getting the Best Out of Artificial Flowers and Trailing Plants

Plastic flowers that are obviously old, uncared-for and fake aren’t particularly beautiful. Unfortunately the poor-quality and unloved plastic trailing plants and flowers found in low-rent office buildings and 1970s Bed and Breakfasts are what most people see in their minds when they think of artificial flowers.

That is not the fault of the flower-making industry as a whole. The best artificial flowers look just like the real thing, so nobody even knows that they weren’t picked that morning. Only the poor fakes are recognised as fakes – the best simulations are just thought of as beautiful flowers. Even if they are clearly not real, they are seen as pieces of art.

One of the biggest giveaways is dust. Trailing plants covered in a thick layer of dust clearly can’t be real because real plants just don’t get that dusty. They are regularly watered and they grow and move slowly but surely. Even the finest and most realistic plastic and fabric flowers can get dusty over time, so make sure to clean your arrangements regularly to keep them looking their best. In most cases it’s possible to dust them with a normal feather duster, or simply blow the dust off with a puff of breath.

All fabrics and plastics can also fade if they are exposed to sunlight for months or years on end. This is easily avoided by keeping artificial plants and flowers out of direct sunlight. If you do want to keep a single bloom or an arrangement by a window, simply make sure it gets rotated every month or so. That way you’ll avoid discolouration and fading of one side.

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