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Fresh as a Daisy: How to Spring Clean Your Home

Have you got the January blues? Well, February isn’t far away. If you are finding yourself sulking on the couch in the evening or on the weekend brighten your home a little bit with a good spring clean. It may even lift your mood!

Get Organised

With all those lovely new clothes you had for Christmas and you bought in the January sales there won’t be much space left in your wardrobes or chest of draws. So make a start to your spring cleaning regime by having a good sort out.

If you haven’t worn an item for more than a year or two then you probably never will again. The same goes for clothing you hope to fit into again one day – is that realistic? Will you ever fit into them again?

Wash Your Walls

Ok so washing your painted walls may seem like an odd thing to do but you may be surprised how grubby they get from hand prints and brushing past them with your body. Simply rinse off a clean cloth or sponge and wipe down the walls. If you have stubborn stains then try adding a little washing up liquid to water before scrubbing.


Clean Out the Fridge

Do you still have food in the refrigerator from Christmas? Perhaps you have a Christmas pudding still in its packaging that won’t go off until next year or a bottle of dandelion burdock from your great aunty Sue that is still unopened as no one likes it? Well, it may be time to give your fridge a good sort and clean.

Donate any in-date food to a homeless shelter or food drive and put any food you’re keeping to one side while you give the fridge a good scrub. You may be surprised how much dirt comes off on the cloth.

Wash Your Windows

In a large washing up bowl make a solution of warm water and vinegar. Using a clean cloth and this mixture, wash down your windows in a circle motion. Follow with a clean dry cloth and buff away any smudges. Just because it is grey and dreary outside it doesn’t have to be in your home. Clean windows will let much more light in making your home feel fresher.

Clean Your Carpet

Do you remember when that brown carpet used to be cream? Popular trodden rooms may see their carpets get a little grubby. Spruce them up a little with a shake and spray carpet cleaning product or rent out a carpet cleaning machine.

Avoid having to wash your carpet again for a long while by asking visitors to take their shoes off when they enter your home and investing in a good pair of slippers for yourself.


Flower Power

You don’t have to spend hours cleaning to brighten up your home. Introduce a vase of fake flowers or a real potted plant such as a spider plant or a fern. This will bring the sense of the outside in and leave your room feeling refreshed.

Don’t have the time to clean your house from top to bottom? Then hire a cleaner – don’t worry your secret is safe with us!

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