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Easy to Clean Artificial Greenery and Floral Arrangements

It’s a simple consideration, but nonetheless an important one – how easy is it to clean the cosmetics of your venue or professional environment? Firstly, let’s get the simple day to day techniques out of the way.

•    A light daily dusting tends to be sufficient in terms of removing dust
•    A hair dryer is also a very effective method and tends to drive the dust further from the arrangement

•    In hygienic places like hospitals, sending dust into the air in a merry flurry isn’t usually conducive to a healthy  environment, so consider having your cleaning staff use a soft brush vacuum cleaner attachment on the lowest setting (hand held vacuum cleaners tend to be best)

And if you have a little more time or wish to remove stubborn grime –

•    Gently shaking artificial greenery or flowers in a supermarket carrier bag-sized bag containing a cup of salt acts like a little dry scouring chamber. Depending on how many floral arrangements you need to clean, this method might be ideal or a little ambitious.

•    Some artificial blooms are very fragile, but in terms of stubborn stains and grime, a little bath may be order! Lightly spritz with cold water (always check our product guide to see if there are any blooms that should be kept away from wetness) and blot dry with kitchen towel.

But remember, if your greenery and florals are in very bad shape, it might be time to invest in something new from our extensive collection of artificial flowers.

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