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Could You Make Better Use of Outdoor Spaces?

Versatile commercial properties and venues are under increasing demand in a fragile economy. We supply bulk artificial flowers, floral arrangements, trailing plants and accessories to business premises up and down the U.K, so we see our fair share of creative venue use, great space saving ideas and blooming brilliant decor.
Summer is finally here (dates-wise, anyway!) and that means folks want the option to head outside for a bite in the sun, a read in the shade or an amble through nature. But what are some great, low cost, adaptable ways to make good use of outdoor space?

Set Up an Outdoor Bar Area

If you’re fully licensed, a mobile bar area or temporary build could boost the usefulness and attractiveness of an unused outdoor space. This is a great idea for hotels and venues with extensive grounds like museums, for-hire gardens and estates. For a kitsch English feel, use artificial flowers like lavender and gypsophila sprays in jam jars, candles, bunting and gingham table clothes.

A Quiet Corner

Most outdoor spaces have the odd little nook that would make a perfect secluded spot for reading, thinking or simply enjoying the weather. For older properties like established hotels and estates, there are typically plenty of ideal spots worth transforming. Comfy seating, a privacy screen, bright paint, shade, rain cover and a few surfaces for drinks, books or laptops could make for a superb hidey-hole.
More modern properties could make brilliant use of large spaces by installing temporary pagodas or screened-off areas during summer months. These areas could be used to seat waiting guests, conduct business meetings, for employees to work outside in pleasant weather or for those on breaks.

Outside Meeting Areas

Corporate spaces can be quite cold and impersonal. Why not take things outside this summer with a bespoke outdoor meeting area? Office chairs and the great outdoors don’t typically blend smoothly, so invest in sculptural benches that can serve as both a large-scale meeting area and general meeting point/relaxation zone. Amphitheatre designs are already highly successful and incredibly versatile, but a cheaper option could be to install permanent benches in a horseshoe shape, optionally bringing custom seating cushions out during warm seasons. There are plenty of shower-proof cushions on the market designed specifically for the Great British sudden downpour!
Making great use of outdoor spaces is about finding clever, creative solutions to spacial issues, decor and so on. Our ranges of outdoor trailing plants and flowers are made from plastic, making them ideal for outdoor use throughout the year. One of the best ways to source solutions and ideas is to ask employees and clients what they would like to see done with spare outdoor space, or if they have suggestions or insights into how to better use the small amount of space available. (It’s a bit like someone else doing the work for you!)
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