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Boosting worker morale with attractive floral arrangements

Your workers are likely to be one of your most valued resources. Without their skills and hard work, your organisation may grind to a halt immediately. So, it’s important to keep employee morale up. Happy staff members tend to be more productive and the atmosphere they create can be enjoyable to spend time in.

With this in mind, you might benefit from brightening your workplace up with some gorgeous floral arrangements. Additions like this may seem trivial, but they are anything but. Adding a splash of vitality and colour to rooms can do wonders to boost people’s outlooks. The great thing is, it’s now easy to source fantastic silk flowers.

Working long hours

Workers in the UK may be at high risk of suffering stress and of feeling down in their offices. According to figures produced by Hays, Britain consistently tops the list of countries in Europe when it comes to working long hours. Employees in the UK put in an average of 42.7 hours per week. This is higher than the EU average of 41.6 hours, Onrec reports.

Commenting on the statistics, managing director of the firm James Lloyd-Townshend said: “In a competitive and challenging jobs market employees may feel they have to be seen to be present in the office to show their value and commitment.”

The homely feel

With employees spending so much time at their desks, it’s important to make sure they feel comfortable and content at work. By placing attractive floral arrangements in appropriate places around your office, you might be able to enhance the general feel of the space and help ensure your personnel do not become depressed because of their surroundings.

Impressing visitors

Of course, when you use silk flowers and so on as decorations around your office buildings, it’s not just your workers that will see them. Any visitors to your premises, potentially including customers and investors, will also notice the items.

Showing that you pay attention to detail in this way can really impress third-parties. If you have a reception area, this is a great place to put flower arrangements because this space no doubt gets plenty of exposure.

Take your pick

Here at GT Decorations we offer lots of superb flowers and may well have the ideal ones for your organisation. Our range includes more than 400 ready-made artificial flowers and related products, including bushes and single stems, bouquets and other arrangements, hanging decorations and much more.

Low maintenance and great value

Your budget for brightening up your office might not be huge, but this doesn’t matter. Our products are superb value for money and we even have an impressive selection of special offers and clearance bargains for you to peruse.

Meanwhile, unlike real flowers, you won’t have to worry about watering and maintaining the items you get from us. You’ve no doubt got plenty of other issues to deal with aside from wandering about with a watering can. So, to find out more about what we have to offer, just take a look around our website.

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