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Benefits of Modern Artificial Flowers

Although real flowers and plants are beautiful, attractive and fragrant, it is important to recognise that modern artificial flowers and plants also have a number of unique benefits.

Like many people, you may automatically conjure up images of those awful plastic arrangements that used to sit and gather dust on discount department store shelves when you initially think about artificial flowers and plants. Fortunately, things are very different these days. Indeed, the modern artificial blooms and plants available today are a million miles away from the tacky plastic flowers and plants of the past.

So, if you are planning an event such as a wedding, or need to send a friend or family member a symbol of condolence for bereavement then you may well find synthetic blooms to be a better option than real flowers.


Artificial plants and flowers really can be very advantageous when it comes to decorating a wedding venue. Certainly, inexpensive silk flowers can easily be used in place of more costly real flowers, and with a drop of scented oil applied to them, most people actually cannot tell the difference between the two.

Silk flower wedding arrangements are also perfect for high traffic areas as they are able to stand up to far more wear and tear than real greenery. For instance, silk flower arrangements make perfect pew decorations as they will continue to look lovely, regardless of how many people accidentally brush up against them as they come in to sit down. Moreover, silk blooms can be used to great effect in hot or humid conditions (such as outdoor weddings in the summer) as they are guaranteed not to wilt.

As well as the venue decor, artificial blooms can also be used to decorate your wedding cake. To be sure, a silk flower or two is far more beautiful and dramatic than generic piped frosting, and you can always save them afterward in a keepsake box too.

And it’s not just the big day itself where artificial blooms can come in handy. If you are someone who enjoys making souvenirs such as scrapbooks then you will find artificial plants and flowers can be used to great effect here too. For example, silk flowers, either whole or with separated petals and leaves, can be used to decorate the pages of your wedding scrapbook and compliment things like saved invitations, the Best Man’s speech, and newspaper cut-outs so that they will look even more attractive and evocative.


Sending flowers in times of sorrow is a time honoured tradition. Indeed, the presence of beautiful looking flowers can help to provide a little bit of light at what is understandably a suitably sombre occasion. However whilst real flowers are undoubtedly lovely and fragrant, they have a tendency to fade away all too soon. Silk flower arrangements on the other hand make a lasting gift which can bring back fond memories of absent friends or family members for many years to come.

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