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Artificial Greenery For Wedding Decorations

There are so many reasons why artificial greenery can have an advantage over fresh greenery for weddings. For instance, you can create table decorations weeks before the wedding without worrying about them wilting! You can also always be assured of having the right greenery available when the wedding takes place.
Here at GT Decorations we offer a great variety of high quality fake greenery and trailing plants that are ideal for wedding venue decorations, both for the ceremony and the reception.
Our greenery collection includes trailing plants, foliage bushes, garlands, leaves, potted plants, and stems and sprays. You will find all kinds of varieties of plants including ferns, ivy, grapevine, and more.
Ivy is a lovely trailing plant to hang over the front of the top table where the bride and groom will sit. Use on its own or add stems of flowers in the bridal colours.
Our Artificial Flowers Rose Stephanotis Ivy Wreath (product #30335503) is a lovely choice for wedding decorations. Hang one over the head table, over the doorway, or even one in each window in the reception room.
Grapevine can also be a lovely decoration for tables, doors, and archways, particularly if the wedding colours include shades of purple. Our Artificial Silk Grapevine Garland with Red Grapes ( product #21023283) is very realistic and would make a striking statement at any wedding venue.
For more ideas on how to decorate for weddings with artificial greenery, read more of our blog, or visit the home page to view our full range of products.

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