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Artificial Flowers: The Healthy Hospital Alternative

The health concerns of real flowers are a very contemporary subject in hospitals. Everything that moves in and out of the hospital environment is correctly subject to scrutiny in terms of its health benefits and dangers.

Several years ago, some hospitals took steps to ban real flowers from their wards and peripheral buildings, citing reasons of hygiene and staff efficiency.  Main hygiene concerns focussed around the necessity of water as a host atmosphere for fresh flowers. If spilled or ingested, the harmful bacteria that can grow in stagnant water could cause undue illness or stress to patients, potentially spreading disease.

Responsibility was also a deciding factor. In an age where jobs are scarce and tight with expectations and tasks, the best use of a nurse’s time is not generally termed as being time spent locating vases, changing water and manoeuvring flowers.

However, the health benefits of nature and its place inside hospital walls cannot be negated. Many patients feel uplifted, relaxed and generally more content in an atmosphere that includes some colour and a little floral beauty.

Artificial flowers and trailing plants offer a healthy alternative to live blooms. Incorporating silk floral arrangements and trailing plants into the decor of a medical facility can go a long way to creating an atmosphere that’s cosmetically conducive to patient’s well-being, whilst avoiding the pitfalls and potential health problems of living flowers and plant life.

Take a look through our selection and see what might benefit your facility most effectively.

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