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Artificial Flowers For Theatres

Need artificial flowers for your theatre company? Whether you need them to decorate the lobby or stage area of the building, or you need the flowers for backdrops or props in particular performances, GT Decorations can supply you with all the silk flowers you need.
We have artificial greenery and flowers in bouquets, vase arrangements, swags, wreaths, garlands, and more. We also have paper flowers and other floral accessories for wedding flowers and other decorations.
Our greenery can be draped across the front of your stage, over your curtains, or added to various scenery elements to greatly enhance the look of your theatre. Artificial flowers are also a great way to inexpensively decorate the theatre while still offering the elegance and bright colours of fresh flowers.
Our floral centrepieces and candle rings can also be used to decorate theatre windowsills or small tables in the foyer or café, if your theatre has one. Flower garlands can enhance staircases, mantelpieces, pillars, door frames, and pew ends or chair backs.
Artificial greenery and flowers are great for scenery in plays that take place out doors but are performed inside, such as A Mid Summer Night’s Dream.
Apply today to open a trade account with us and save even more on our already competitive prices. You’ll also have the added convenience of an order history, plush other enhancements.

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2 Responses to Artificial Flowers For Theatres

  1. Becky Gilbanks says:

    Hi, we want artificial flowers and greenery, with pink and white flowers. Enough to cover a garden arch way. How much do you charge for renting/buying something like this?

    Thank You

    Becky Gilbanks

    • Hi Becky, we would suggest that you have a look at our greenery section and our garlands, as these are the most popular choices for decorating arches.
      We do have quite a few choices available, so hopefully you’ll find something you like. Pricing will of course depend on quantity, but we have all amounts clearly shown on the site and you can always add anything you like to your shopping basket to get a quote with postage costs.

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